The Tyre Limited Warranty is given by manufacturer for period of 6 to 12 months depending on their polic against manufacturing defect which be determined by their authorized agents / representatives.

Claim procedure for Tyre Limited Waranty:
Tyre must be submitted for inspection with proper proof of purchase.
Tyre will be sent for inspection by authorized personnel of the manufacturer:
Complete inspection process may take 3 – 4 weeks time.
Manufacturer’s authorized personnel’s report will be final.
Customer may have to purchase New Tyre while the claim tyre is sent for inspection.
If the manufacturer agent makes an allowance on claim tyre, that amount will be refunded to the consumer.

Tyre Limited Warranty does not cover the following:
Damage due to road hazards (not limited to cuts, snags, bruises, impact breaks, bulges, punctures, stone drills, chips and scales), fire, theft or collision.
Conditions arising from improver tyre/vehicle maintenance or use, not limited to:
Irregular or excessive treadwear due to incorrect inflation; overloading; vehicle misalignment; failure to rotate tyres and poor or defective mechanical condition to breaks, shocks and wheels or other factors attributable to the vehicle or the vehicle.

Excessive noise complaints from tyre / wheel assembly:
Any tyre that has been run with low inflation pressure or while flat.
Tyres submitted for a mileage adjustment that have worn out unevenly and / or show a difference of
2MM between major tread grooves or between the front and rear sets.
Damage, corrosion, or deterioration from using oil-based chemicals, water-based sealers, balancing substances or flammable gases.
Tyres with the DOT identification number removed or rendered illegible.


Improper application not limited to:
Incorrect size and load rating for the vehicle.
Improper mounting, balancing or repair not limited to:
Improper tyre mounting, tyre / wheel assembly imbalance.
Damage from incorrect mounting or dismounting of the tyre, incorrect wheel size, water or other material trapped inside the tyre during mounting, or failure to keep the tyres balanced.
Damage resulting from improper epair materials or procedures.