Wheel Bearing problem | symptoms, solution and reasons


The humble wheel bearing is essential to the safe and efficient running of your vehicle. It is tucked away inside the hub assembly and permits the wheels to spin freely while bearing the weight of the car. However, they can break down and cause issues just like any other part. In this article, we’re going to explore the various problems with these important parts of the car and discuss the signs of such problems

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What are the symptoms of a bad wheel bearing? 

Pay close attention to what your car is saying. Numerous noises can frequently be heard to indicate the presence of a deteriorating wheel bearing. A low-pitched humming or grinding noise that gets louder faster is the most typical symptom. In addition, this sound can alter in pitch to indicate which side the offender is on based on whether you turn left or right.

In addition to noise, a shaky steering wheel could occur, especially at faster speeds. There is also a tremor through the floorboards. In extreme circumstances, the wheel’s play may increase to the point where steering feels unnatural. Due to the unequal pressure that a misaligned wheel places on the tire, uneven tire wear can also be an indication of failed bearings.

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What happens when wheel bearings fail? 

A faulty wheel bearing is sure to cause trouble if you ignore it. The smooth rolling action is replaced by more friction as it ages. This may cause the bearing to overheat, severely deteriorate it, and maybe cause it to seize completely. The wheel may lock up due to a seized bearing, which would result in total loss of control.

Furthermore, because of misalignment and high stress, a failed bearing might harm other suspension parts. Furthermore, there’s a chance that the ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) will malfunction, which would impair your capacity to brake in an emergency.

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Wheel Bearing symptoms

Can I still drive with a bad wheel bearing? 

It is definitely discouraged, even if you might be tempted to limp your car home with a failing bearing. Any short-term convenience is greatly outweighed by the possible risks listed above. Call a tow truck and pull over to a safe spot if you think there may be a bearing problem.

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What is the average life of a wheel bearing? 

Wheel bearings are typically made to last a vehicle’s lifespan or about 100,000 kilometers. Nevertheless, a number of things may shorten their lives. These consist of potholes, driving over uneven terrain, shoddy installation, and replacing damaged parts with inferior ones.


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tire Bearing problem

Are tire bearings easy to fix? 

Wheel bearing replacement is a difficult operation that calls for certain equipment and expertise. It is advisable to leave it to a licensed mechanic who can guarantee a safe and correct completion of the work.


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