What to Do When Your Car Tires Burst | Causes + prevention


Running over a nail or hitting a curb may puncture your car tire; if this happens, do not panic, tighten your hands on the steering wheel, and avoid hitting the brakes too hard. If they can control the vehicle and understand the problem, they should slowly let the car decrease its speed and pull over to the side of the road if possible. If you have stopped to proceed, then compute the situation and take adequate measures to help yourself and others.

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 Who to Call When Tire Bursts

As a driver, it becomes essential to identify where to seek help in case of a tire burst. Here are some steps to follow:

 Roadside Assistance Services

Call them immediately if you have gotten it through your auto insurance provider, a motoring club, or the manufacturer’s warranty. If they cannot assist, they can refer you to a professional who will address your tire problem or tow your car to a shop.

 Local Towing Companies

If there is no roadside assistance service nearby, you are advised to call an area towing service. They can take your car to the nearest garage or tire service company.

 TyresMe Service Center

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Our types of repair services:

What caused the tire to burst

 What to Do When Your Car Tires Burst While Driving

The sound of a running car tire bursting can be shocking and scary. Follow these steps to handle the situation safely:

 Avoid Sudden Movements

Avoid harsh braking and swerving from side to side, as these may cause your car to react unexpectedly. These actions are all risky and can, in one way or another, lead to loss of control. It is better to tap the brakes gently and let the speed drop gradually by letting go of the accelerator.

 Move to a Safe Location

Once you have done this, switch on the hazard light. This will help to alert other drivers. After this, you have to try to park your car on the side of the road or in a safe zone free from vehicles.

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 Why Do Tires Burst?

This paper analyzes the processes and procedures that lead to tire bursts so that effective measures can be taken to counter them. Here are some common reasons:

 Under-Inflation or Over-Inflation

Unrelated tire pressure is another primary cause of tire blowouts. It raises the areas of the tire in contact with the road, leading to heat buildup, while reducing them by providing force to other regions; this causes a tire to burst.


Low tire tread can be explained by the fact that overweighting your car exerts more stress on tires, increasing their chances of bursting.

 Road Hazards

Thus, debris, potholes, etc., were found on the road, which caused sudden bursts in tires due to damage to the tire’s surface.

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How can tyre burst be avoided

 Preventing Tire Bursts

Tire bursts are something no one anticipates but can be prevented by observing these measures. Here are some tips:

 Regularly Check Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure and ensure it is suitable for the particular car type designed by the manufacturer. Have your tires checked with a standard pressure gauge at least once a month and before any long journey.

 Inspect Tires for Damage

There are warning signs that will point you towards ill-maintenance. Whether this should be inspected for one’s safety; otherwise, look for any signs of wear, cracks, bulges, or objects stuck on it.

 Avoid Overloading

You must ensure you only overload your car within certain restrictions to avoid exerting too much pressure on the tires.


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 Contacting a Repair Center

If you face situations when your tire bursts, it is high time to call a professional repair shop. They can conveniently inspect and check for your car and ensure it’s safe to drive. Car owners can get the tire services they need from TyresMe, namely replacements or even repairs for your safety on the road. Visit [TyresMe](https://tyresme.com/) to learn more about our services and get the assistance you need in the event of a tire burst.

By following these guidelines and always ensuring that your tires are well maintained, it is impossible to encounter a tire burst, so traveling is highly safe. If one faces tire problems, TyresMe is there to provide the best service faster.

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