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A tire bulge is one of the most dangerous ailments you may face with your tire, and it poses a significant threat to the safety of your vehicle. If you encounter a bulge in the tire, it should be condemned immediately lest you end up having a blowout while driving, an event that poses a significant danger to your life and that of other people on the road.

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 How Long Can I Drive with a Bulge in My Tire?

Suppose you find yourself in a car with a tire bulge. In that case, it is strongly advisable not to proceed to drive due to the danger likely to be encountered with a bulge on a tire that is likely to burst at any one time since it has developed a structural weakness.

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 Tire Bulge Cause

Turning to the causes of tire bulges is relevant to preventing it. Common causes include:

 Impact Damage

Accidents such as striking a pothole, curb, or any object at a relatively higher speed create some stress within the tire, which results in a bulge.

 Manufacturing Defects

Of course, it is possible that during the production of a particular tire, some failed areas may be created and gradually turn into bulges.


Another example is when the load is put beyond the limit; it causes bulging since the tires cannot support more load than their capability.

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 Can a Tire Bulge Be Repaired?

Regrettably, a tire bulge cannot be patched or repaired in any other way because the affected area is too large and compromises the whole tire structure. The bulging exposes a dangerous zone in a tire that shows how much this component struggled structurally to meet safety and reliability requirements. The only safe measure is to change the tire. Drivers who drive on a bulged tire will experience a blowout, which leads to accidents or may badly affect the vehicle.

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 Tire Bulge Symptoms

As with any condition developing in one’s tires, detecting signs of a tire bulge can go a long way in preventing a risky circumstance on the road. Here are some signs to watch for:

Visible Bulge

The first sign that might be noted is the physical swelling, which people with lesser understanding refer to as a bubble on the side of the tire. If the bulge is not already protruding through the cloth of the hood tire or the side wall, it can be felt by sliding your hand along the perimeter of the sidewall.

 Vibration While Driving

The existence of a bulge is almost always detrimental to speed, as the contact with the tarmac is not smooth, and vibrations or other sensations akin to wobbling can occur.

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 Small Bulge in Tire

A single protruding aspect is dangerous enough already; try visualizing an entire tire. This implies that the tire has a structural defect to the extent that it is potentially prone to burst. A small bulge must not be blown off, but it is best to replace the tire at once for a secure ride.

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 What to Do If You Notice a Tire Bulge

If you discover a bulge in your tire, follow these steps to address the issue:

 Avoid Driving

Dodging involves not using the bulged tire to prevent it from bursting out and injuring individuals nearby. In an endeavor to continue your journey, this can only be done safely and with the utmost care and only at a nearby service station.

 Replace the Tire

Pop the deflated tire if you have a spare one, then fix it on the car and drive to a tire service center to have the deflated one replaced.

 Regular Inspections

Ensure you check your tires often for chips, cuts, uneven treadwear, or bulging areas. Observe and check all the signs that may lead to a dangerous occurrence or sequence of events since they may have to be detected at an early stage.

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 Prevention Tips

Preventing tire bulges involves adequate tire maintenance and careful driving habits:

 Maintain Proper Tire Pressure

You should monitor your tire pressure gauge and always set it according to the manufacturer’s recommended measures. Equally important is to understand that a car equipped with under-inflated tires is more likely to experience bulge formation.

 Drive Cautiously

Do not get too close and hit road humps, curbs, or any other obstacle on the road, such as left debris lying on the way. Avoiding hard and reckless braking and acceleration reduces any chances of hitting sharp objects that would cause bulging out of tires.

 Regular Tire Maintenance

What about rotating them occasionally, balancing them, and possible alignment problems? Now that you know what causes bulges in your tires, you can prevent them by maintaining them and keeping their lifespan as long as possible.

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 Contacting a Repair Center

In the meantime, if you observe a bulge in a tire or any irregularity, it should be taken to a specialist shop. Likewise, they can determine the extent of damage done and recommend the proper fix. Regarding any kind of tire, including Firestone tires, you can always count on TyresMe for Firestone tire replacement or any other type of tire service. Our team will always make sure that we take all the necessary steps to make sure that you are safe, and at the same time, we will ensure that your car is always in its best shape—visit [TyresMe]( to learn more about our services and get your needed assistance.

In this post, we will discuss how tire bulges come about and what signs you should be looking out for concerning such a condition to help you boost your car’s safety, efficiency, and durability. Of course, if one of these tires starts acting up one day, our Tire Service is always ready to offer professional and quality services to TyresMe customers. Practical tire care measures should be adopted to safely maneuver their car on the roads without the likelihood of a mishap arising due to poor or worn-out tires.


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